My Fear of Publishing

That’s right. I have a fear of publishing stories. I’m not sure if that is an understandable or irrational fear. I’ve been writing fiction more seriously in the past months and when it comes time to edit and publish, I hesitate because a piece of me is afraid it will be judged once it is published. The hilarious part is I don’t actually have readers for my short stories just yet. But a part of me still worries that a piece of me is out on there in the wild west of the internet waiting to be judged and critiqued.

I’m worried it’s going to be shitty and someone will recognize it and point it out. But maybe the only thing I have control over is to put in my best while writing my stories, to the best of my ability, and come to terms with the fact that some of what I put out will suck for sure. To me, not putting it out at all is far worse than being critiqued and that closes the case.