The day Raina was born was the worst day of Petar’s life. His wife Matana had died during Raina’s birth. Everyone wanted to know if he was okay. He knew he had to be, for Raina’s sake. It is what Matana would have wanted. His mother Adi took over Raina’s care because he had to… Continue reading Raina

The Visit

Dara glanced at her husband, Dapo as he yawned. He was driving them to his hometown, Iwata. The twins were fast asleep in the back seat. She had pulled them out of bed at dawn to get them ready for the trip. They had to start the trip early because it is a long-distance trip… Continue reading The Visit

Rough Play

In September 2005, I was at my aunt’s house on holiday to spend some time with her, and her family. On one particular Sunday, when she had left for work, her daughter Kira and I had decided to go outside the apartment and play. We were still within the gates of the property. I being… Continue reading Rough Play

The Interview Morning

The alarm made a shrieking noise that jolted Dan out of his sleep. He flagged his left arm several times till he hit the snooze button on his side table. If his memory serves him right, the last time he had to wake up this early was the day he got fired at work 3… Continue reading The Interview Morning

The Taker

The road is free today. On most weekdays, cars would be bumper to bumper on this route, with hawkers begging to have their wares bought. I look around me, I don’t see any of them. I had a long day at work today.  I would have driven straight home as I always do, but I… Continue reading The Taker

Blind Date

Melinda got out of the shower dripping wet. She grabbed her towel from the shower door to clean off the water on her body. A phone rang in the background. She looked around the room to find her phone and spotted it on the bed. She picked it up. “Hello. Who am I speaking with?”… Continue reading Blind Date

The Guardians

“So this is what the people of your world have done with magic. You take Cryomancy and call it refrigeration. You take electrokinesis and call it wiring. You take telepathy and call it the internet. You call familiars robots. You have taken all this magic… and you have made it boring!” Apollo said. “And what… Continue reading The Guardians