Rough Play

In September 2005, I was at my aunt’s house on holiday to spend some time with her, and her family. On one particular Sunday, when she had left for work, her daughter Kira and I had decided to go outside the apartment and play. We were still within the gates of the property.

I being a tomboy, enjoyed rough play that involved running, jumping, and climbing. I suggested to Kira, “Let’s climb the water tank.” Kira, being the dainty and delicate girl she was, refused. She’d much rather play with her barbie dolls. Shrugging, I made to climb the first rung of the high metal stand that held the water tank up, but it was too high for me to reach. I went inside to fetch the heavy stool from the kitchen. Being a rather short six-year-old, I was unable to lift the stool, instead, I dragged it out of the house, as quietly as I could so as not to wake our sleeping maid in the living room. I dragged the stool to the bottom of the tank stand. And I used the stool as a stepping stone to climb the tank stand. 

I found myself standing one rung above the ground and had both hands gripping on a pillar of the stand. I have never felt taller than I did then. The air felt fresher up there. I looked down on Kira, feeling superior and all. I laughed and pointed with one hand free at Kira. 

“You should have joined me.” I giggled in jest. “Look at me now!”

She looked up in awe with her mouth open, as if I was Neil Armstrong taking her first giant leap for children-kind.

Feeling more confident, I let my second hand free and took my first step along the rung of the stand with both arms spread on both sides like I believed I could fly. I took a second step, and I must have slipped because the next thing I remember was finding myself on the cold hard concrete pavement with my head spinning and in a daze. I could hear Kira screaming for the maid.

It’s been so long, but I recall being in the hospital with my parents, and my aunt watching over me. I had broken my left arm, and I had to wear a POP arm cast for a month and a half. I believe my aunt fired her maid, on account of that event.